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November 26, 2006 on 11:05 am | In Madness | 2 Comments

Back in the UK from a short holiday in Venice, to horrible wet weather. Yurk. Never mind, plans for the flat are nearly finished (they are now accurately measured!) and I have a nice new hoodie to keep me warm.

It’s especially warming because I have a warm inner glow of a good deed done as well – it’s a hoodie from Gap that is a (RED) product. What’s that? Well, the deal is that when you buy product (RED) stuff, part of the money goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. You can buy clothing, phones, iPods and even get (RED) credit cards. So if you are considering getting one of those things, check out the (RED) option.

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back once again!

November 15, 2006 on 4:08 pm | In Making | Comments Off

Ahh yes, I have returned to the land of having internet after a month away!

Unfortunately I’m very busy getting lots of other things sorted out with the flat, and of course am still very busy at work which just slows everything down further :-(

However – good news so far is that a structural engineers says our plans are ok, but we do need to pester the council for some plans. grr.

On the really good side, I am finally going to rack mount up all my kit :-) … I’ve just put in an order for some rack strips and a shelf, and will go buy some MDF and put a cabinet together. Possibly this weekend, we’ll see!

Also I’ve done a ton of wallpaper stripping, which is hard work but rewarding.

I will post some pictures, possibly tonight!

Useful Links:
This is a good page on DIY rack case building.
I’ve also found eBay is a good source of rack components and prebuilt cheap rack cases.

Edit: rack mount stuff is here and looking good, I’ll be measuring and buying MDF soon… but it is horrible weather today and I have other chores. Nuts!

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